Saturday, April 11, 2009

Republian Party -- A Part of "No"

The Republican Party doesn't support:


2. The stimulus package (even though it contains billions in tax cuts)

3. The bank bailouts

4. The bailout of AIG

5. The auto industry loans

6. Running deficits during a severe recession (yet, when the Dems try to do something about the deficits -- like letting the tax rates return to their 2001 status -- the GOP is opposed to that, too)

7. Diplomacy with Iran

8. Diplomacy with N. Korea

9. Diplomacy with Russia

10. Ending the war in Iraq

11. Health care reform

12. Government steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions

13. Etc, etc, etc

Here's a great video from which I got the idea for this post:

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  1. You could add Good Ideas to this list. They don't support those either...