Saturday, April 11, 2009

Karl Rove Is a Slimy, Sad Creature

As reported by Politico, Karl Rove recently engaged in a shouting match in a restaurant with an ex-GOP staffer. Read the Politico story for details.

I post this story to point out one slimy detail regarding Rove that came out. Apparantly, in the course of the argument, the following exchange occurred:

Roe: ". . . You guys [Bush et al.] wouldn't be in the White House without Tom [the Republican for whom Roe worked]. And you made these really degrading comments about him that offended a lot of people."


Rove: "Well, I have a file on the things Tom Feeney said about George Bush."

Roe: "That says more about you than me that you kept a file on Tom Feeney. This guy was so restrained in his desire to criticize the president — even against this staff's advice."

Rove: "I have a file."

Roe: "I'm right here. Tell me to my face what's in that file."

Rove: "I'll send you the file.

What a creep! It takes a real political scumbag to "keep a file" on criticisms that others levy against your party's President. Can you imagine Rove, bending over stacks of newspapers, cutting out articles that criticize Bush, and then meticulously filing them away in his office file cabinet.

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