Monday, April 13, 2009

Fox & Friends -- Crazy Crazy Crazy

This morning on Fox & Friends, the warmongering was in full force! The hosts were speaking with a guest, and each was advocating putting American troops on the ground in Somalia in an effort to end the piracy in the region.

That is crazy. Here's why:

1. Our foray in Somalia when Clinton was President was an unmitigated disaster. The region is even more lawless now.

2. We are already fighting a war in Iraq

3. We are already fighting a war in Afghanistan

4. We don't understand the region. Thus, it would be impossible to know how to stabilize the region

5. It is unclear why non-government actors (the pirates) warrant such drastic action. True, these pirate hijackings are quite serious, but they generally present no danger to America's safety.

6. We can't afford another war

7. The world's opinion that we are too war-happy would be reinforced

8. There is a heavy Islamic movement in Somalia; if we go to war there, it will further anger Muslims.

9. Who would we fight? There the limited government in the country is powerless, save for a few discrete regions. Thus, there's no defined target

10. Could we not accomplish the same objective by paroling the waters in the area more aggressively?

11. Etc, etc, etc

It would be a terrible idea to engage Somalia in a war.

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